12 Mar

It’s always nice to catch up with past features and see what they have been up to since we last featured them. This week we caught up with Hayley Paone, who was first featured in 2012. 6 years have gone by let’s see what this talented Dancer/Choreographer has been up to.

Honesty and a true love for the art form have always guided Hayley on the right path in her professional dance career. Paone sticking to her roots has established a place for her craft in her local district as Artistic Director and Owner of iNhayle Dance Company, where she provides a unique dance education for young artists in a nurturing company tone environment. Reaching a wider scale, she is a sought-after adjudicator and teacher across Canada. Hayley is a faculty member for Dance Attack Canada”, “The Audience Dance Conventionsand a mentor and judge for Young Creators Challenge

Hayley shares her unconventional and affective teaching methods working with many sought after professional dancers to help them cultivate in the industry. Her sister Company iNproductions Choreography & Entertainmentprovides casting and performance opportunities as well as mentoring for pre-professional & professional artists from the industry.

Paones work has been showcased at the Toronto Fringe Festival, Choreographers Ball, Dance Attacks Student Expo & VIP showcase and many more.

Hayley will be directing the next iNproductions show which will be presented in the fall of 2018 featuring talented Choreographers and Core Cast members. She is currently a faculty member teaching Contemporary at the world-famous dance Centre “The Millenium Dance Complex” new to the Toronto community. Hayley is known for her raw movement quality and intention-based approach specializing in contemporary and improvisation. She is fueled to create from life experiences and has been able to restate many of these moments with the dancers she works with today.

Bio provided by Hayley.


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Twitter : @HayleyPaone

 iNhayle Dance Company info 


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Checkout what Hayley’s been up to…

Nikki: Name 1 of your biggest accomplishments in 2017?

Hayley: I would have to say hands down becoming a Faculty member at the World Famous dance Centre “Millenium Dance Complex Toronto” I have always wanted to teach a class at the facility in Los Angeles so as soon as I saw the opportunity arise in Toronto I made that a goal for myself to share my art and teaching with those who are seeking a professional career in dance. I feel so grateful and have no words to express how lucky I am to teach a weekly contemporary class every Tuesday at MDC Toronto and be surrounded by so many talented artists.

Another accomplishment I am very proud of is the launch of my newest company “iNproductions CHOREOGRAPHY AND ENTERTAINMENT”. I just directed a collaborative project called iNtegrated PARTS which was a collection of Local Choreographers and Dancers showcasing their work in Hamilton. Our next Show will be June 24th in Hamilton, but we will be doing one in Toronto as well details will be announced soon so I’m excited about it!


Nikki: What is the biggest lesson you have learned as a Dancer/Choreographer since we last featured you?

Hayley:  I reread my last feature because I was curious to see how I’ve evolved and if the same things drive me and influence my work…. I believe for me the greatest lesson I’ve learnt has less to do about dance and more to do about Character and integrity. In our industry loyalty is not an easy thing to come by…. I’ve realized that just because it’s important to me it doesn’t mean it is to others.   My beliefs and how I treat others and what I would do in a situation is not necessarily what I should expect from other people. When it comes down to it I’ve learned that I need to put myself first because its naturally part of who I am to put others ahead of me.  If you don’t look out for yourself no one else will.


Nikki: What sort of challenges did you face transitioning from Dancer/Choreographer to producer and Dance company/studio owner?

Hayley: The biggest challenge for me was learning the business side of it all. I am an artist at heart and I’m extremely passionate and stubborn about my work so for me a huge learning curve was to take my emotions out of certain situations and start to look at it in black and white.

I still have trouble with this and I think I always will as I’m very emotional when it comes to my craft. The danger is I care so deeply that it fogs up my clear judgment and that can get in the way of business decisions and how things operate.

As an Entrepreneur I have made a lot of sacrifices in my life just to make everything work and be successful. I’m very lucky for the support I have from all of my friends and family and mentors in the industry. I’ve learnt part of being a business owner and being the boss is understanding that a lot of the time it takes number one priority and you have to be so in love with what you do and be ok with that. I’m always trying to find a balance but it’s a constant battle.


Nikki: Being where you are now in your Dance career what advice do you have for the next generation of Dancers/Choreographers?

Hayley: Never change who you are at the core for anyone or for anything. It will always come back to bite you in the ass. A true artist will never be happy or satisfied by compromising or caving so stick to your guns. I also think it’s so important be ok with people not liking or loving something you do. If you love it that’s what should matter the most. This may be common sense but “PUT THE WORK IN” nothing will come to you just because you think you’re talented or deserving of it …. you must remember there is always someone working harder than you who’s also talented. The beauty is NO ONE is going to do it like you, so stay authentic and honest in whatever you put out there. Do not compare yourself to others and Focus on what you want.


Nikki: Are there any upcoming projects, shows or classes for 2018 you would like to share/promote to the T.D.O.T. network?

Hayley: iNproductions Events to come…

Professional Development Workshop – Date TBA

 Summer Program and Production to follow in the Fall 2018- Date TBA

iNtegrated PARTS Show

June 24th at the Zoetic Theatre (Submission Dates and Details will be released soon)

Our team @inproductions1 is so excited to announce our newest project iNtegrated PARTS. 

Twitter: @iNproductions01

 On June 24th we will present a one hour showcase held at The Zoetic Theatre revealing both established and aspiring Choreographers Work as well as special guest performances. If you are looking for more exposure and simply want to share ART with the community this is for you! We welcome all freelance choreographers who would like to share work in a professional setting and non- competitive vibe. This event is open to all genres. 

OUR GOAL: The Show is open to the public we want to affect everyday people with the art we present on stage// We are looking for RAW, HONEST & UNIQUE WORK paired with a distinctive style and vibe in music selection and concept.  For Submission Details, show info/breakdown & perks please email our Creative Team: inhayleinproductions@gmail.com

For more details about these events and to register please email inhayleinproductions@gmail.com 

Catch Hayley Paone EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT Teaching Contemporary from 6PM-7PM at Millenium Dance Complex Toronto.


HAYLEY 1iNhayle Showcase stillHAYLEY 3inproductions_screen_logo (1)iNtegrated PARTS



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