16 Dec

This week’s shout out goes to Marie and Kathryn, the dynamic duo known as Thamovement are responsible for creating 1 of the city’s premier Dance showcases “Toronto’s Original Choreographer’s Ball” Meeting at York University over a decade ago and travelling to L.A together they decided to create what has become 1 of the most anticipated Dance events of the year. Get to know how and why they started the ball as this Wed Dec 18th they celebrate their 10 Year Anniversary, Hosted by T.D.O.T.’S 6th feature Hollywood-Jade.

 marie kathryn choreographers ball toronto dancers

marie kathryn choreographers ball toronto dancersToronto’s Original Choreographer’s Ball

Nikki: How did the two of you  meet? 

 ThaMovement: We met at York University in the Dance Program…bff’s ever since!


Nikki: What prompted the idea to start choreoball?

 ThaMovement: We were in LA and had gone to see Carnival. It got us talking about how great it would be to a similar show in Toronto.  From there, we just decided that we would try and put something together to give the choreographer, dancers and performers of Toronto a platform to present their work in a positive and supportive environment


Nikki: Where was the first choreoball held?

 ThaMovement: At the Opera House! We had 8 or 9 acts and some of them performed twice! We only had about 85 people in the audience and that included the dancers in the show!


Nikki: What sort of challenges have you faced over the past 10 years running the ball?

 ThaMovement: For the most part it’s been a fun and fairly easy process. One of the most challenging things has been trying to keep the integrity of the show. We’ve had a lot of people approach us wanting to change the show into a competition or TV show etc. and while we’re all for evolving and improving, we really want to keep the show as a platform for showcasing amazing dance talent without the pressures of competition or the added stress or pre-tense of TV cameras.


Nikki: Being the founders you have watched many Dancers and Choreographers grow. What does it feel like giving them a platform to showcase their talents?

ThaMovement: Yes! We’ve seen many artists go from being first time choreographers on our stage to choreographing stage shows and videos for music artists. We’ve also had dancers getting hired for gigs directly based on their performance in a Choreographer’s Ball show. It’s been such a privilege to follow the careers of so many choreographers, dancers and performers who have graced the Choreo Ball stage and have since gone on to do amazing things. It’s also been a pleasure seeing a new generation of younger artists coming into their own!


Nikki: What’s your most memorable moment of choreoball? 

 ThaMovement: There are way too many great moments to choose from! So many great things have happened over the last 10 years we’d need a week to list them all! However, the best moment of every show is when we get a moment to breathe and we look at each other and say “great show”!


Nikki: Aside from the ball would you like to share the other things you are working on. 

 ThaMovement: Marie has just opened her own studio ‘Wonderland Dance Company’ – a lifelong dream come true and a beautiful thing:) Kathryn is now the Artistic Director at Columbus Centre School of Dance and is loving the work of developing young dancers and her artistic and choreographic voice.  The duo (we) have many show ideas – Choreographer’s Ball was the first one they brought to fruition – through it they discovered their love and knack for producing.  They’e got a number of new projects they will be sinking their passion into soon.

 Dance.  Express. Exchange. Connect.


marie kathryn choreographers ball toronto dancersmarie kathryn choreographers ball toronto dancers marie kathryn choreographers ball toronto dancers K&M


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