2 Years of T.D.O.T. Feature #66 Derick Robinson

21 Jan

January 24th 2013 marks 2 years of T.D.O.T and 93 Dancer/Choreographer Features to date. Let’s look back at some of our past features and see what they’ve been up to. We caught up with Derick Robinson he was first featured on May 28th 2012 .

Nikki: Name 1 of your biggest accomplishments for 2012?

Derick: I would say my biggest accomplishment for 2012 would be that I have the amazing pleasure of choreographing for the one and only Trish. It has been such a great experience choreographing, dancing and building a relationship with such a brilliant and talented person. I look forward to what we have coming up in 2013.

Nikki: Any projects you would like to promote or share that you have coming up in 2013?

Derick: I now teach a weekly “Contemporary/Hip-Hop” drop-in class every Thursday from 7pm – 8:30pm at City Dance Corps.

Nikki: What is the biggest lesson you learned as a Dancer/Choreographer this past year?

Derick: The best lesson that I have learned this passed year would be that I can’t do it all at once. As an up coming dancer/choreographer in this city I am egger to do everything that I can as quick as I can, but that’s when I get over loaded and then eventually stressed out. It’s ok to say no every once in a while. I have realized that I patience is the key to positive growth. I need to take my time and really focus on what will benefit me with my career and my life.

Check out Derick’s Full feat HERE


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