2 years of T.D.O.T. Feature #25 La Toya Robinson

16 Jan

January 24th 2013 marks 2 years of T.D.O.T. Were taking a look back at some of our past features and what they’ve been up to. We caught up with La Toya Robinson she was first featured on Jun 18th 2011.

MsToya Dancers Toronto

Nikki Name 1 of your biggest accomplishments for 2012? 

Toya: Choreographing and dancing for RnB singer Mya

Nikki: Any projects you would like to promote or share that you have coming up in 2013?

Toya: Will be going to the UK to choreograph routines with another feature on the blog Ron Bedeau. Going to Barcelona to compete and showcase in an world competition.

Nikki: What is the biggest lesson you learned as a Dancer/Choreographer this past year?

Toya: Not to compare myself to others and what they have done. Everyone has their own path.

Check out La Toya’s Full feat HERE



One Response to “2 years of T.D.O.T. Feature #25 La Toya Robinson”

  1. Minerva January 17, 2013 at 10:27 am #

    That’s my girl! xoxo

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