2 years of T.D.O.T. -Feature #39 Carlena Britch

1 Jan

January 24th 2013 marks 2 years of T.D.O.T. Were taking a look back at some of our past features and what they’ve been up to. We caught up with Carlena Britch she was first featured on Oct 25th 2011. Check out her full feature HERE 

Nikki: Name 1 of your biggest accomplishments for 2012?

Carlena: Booking Justin Bieber’s world tour “Believe” with many other incredible dancers!

Nikki: What is the biggest lesson you learned as a Dancer/Choreographer this past year?

Carlena: Stay humble, and FOCUSED! Our mind is a very powerful place..& when imagining a dream or goal for ourselves we can make it a reality by choosing the thoughts that fill our minds! The lives we wish for ourselves are the lives we choose – regardless of what we come from! But, don’t forget where you came from. Allow that to humble your thoughts so that you can continue to achieve happily and positively.

Nikki: Any projects coming up in 2013?

Carlena: The continuation of his tour, alongside various award shows, music videos and additional performances with Justin.

Follow Carlena on twitter: @CarlenaBritch






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