16 Jul

This week’s Dancer/Choreographer shout out goes to Mariano Abarca. Mariano is one of Toronto’s premier b-boys, and, unquestionably, an audience favourite. He is famous for his incredible footwork, and innovative style of intertwining popping, b-boying, and hip-hop. As an established Toronto b-boy, Mariano led his crew, “Bag of Trix” to international acclaim at “The Battle of the Year 1999” in Leipzig,Germany. Mariano’s crews have, furthermore, earned championship titles inUK,Korea, and here in Canada.

Mariano’s extraordinary style has allowed him to dance in several music videos, commercials, and television programs. Thus, he has worked with artists such as Vivica Fox, Tom Green, Mya, K-OS, Wyclef, Arrested Development, Grand Master Flash, De La Soul, Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock – to name a few. Remarkably, he was provided the exceptional honour of performing for the Prince of Wales. Currently, Mariano is working with ABS crew to develop his ideas and style into a full-length stage production. Mariano Abarca is a role model, an innovator, and a true urban artist.

Bio provided by Mariano

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Find out what Mariano had to say in this week’s shout out….

Nikki: Do you remember the first time you started dancing?

Mariano: I was very young, it would have been on a Sunday afternoon as my mom cleaned the house.  She would always play salsa, merengue or cumbia.

Nikki: Do you remember the first song you choreographed to? (Or your earliest memory)

Mariano: 1993.  A doubles routine in case someone wanted to battle.

Nikki: Your personal advice for dancers when it comes to free styling?

Mariano: NO sets , dance to everything even music you dislike and let the music lead you.

Nikki: Getting in the zone to choreograph, what does it take for you?

Mariano: A song might initiate a thought or the concept comes first.

Nikki: Who are some of your biggest influences in the Dance industry?

Mariano: My crew members from the past and present, the new generation of talented dancers and footage of Dance pioneers/TV Shows/Documentaries.

Nikki: Name a Toronto Choreographer you enjoy working with and why?

Mariano: Natalie Nesterenko.  Organized rehearsals, themed pieces and movement makes sense!

Nikki: Name one of your favorite artists to work with and why?

Mariano: The recording  group LEN.  I was able to travel with my bboy crew, not strangers.

Nikki: Are you currently working on any projects?

Mariano: As a producer for ABA Entertainment Inc the BAZAAR DANCE SHOWCASE is now in Toronto, St John’s and next will be Montreal. There will be new events coming soon to engage Street and Choreography dancers

Nikki: Qualities you think Toronto Dancers possess?

Mariano: Toronto Dancers come in all shapes, disciplines and egos.

Nikki: Any advice for emerging dancers and choreographers working/training in Toronto?

Mariano: Keep your ego in check and don’t learn from just one choreographer/instructor!!!






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