18 Oct

This weeks Dancer/Choreographer shout out goes to Carla Catherwood. Vivacious, courageous, and a fun loving workaholic would be the best way to explain Carla Catherwood. Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada she has worked professionally in the entertainment industry for 11 years. She is most known for her producing, directing and her Jazz, Stage and Nuvo-Burlesque style choreography and is currently working beside Toronto’s very own Do-Dat Entertainment and Parent Management. On top of that Carla is a well diverse strong dancer and teacher as well.  Carla was cast to dance beside Vanessa Hudgens in the feature film  “Sucker Punch” and also has been cast in a principal dancer/actor role on the hit TV show Smallville. She has also been blessed to work beside such celebrities and amazing professionals like Michael Buble, Shania Twain, Kelly Osbourne, Russell Peters, Hugh Hefner, Jessica Alba, and Halle Berry.

Carla has had the chance to produce and direct shows for the infamous Playboy Mansion, Club Intrawest, Heineken, Grey Goose, Much Music, Warner Bros, Peller Estates, Vancouver International Children’s Festival, and For the Luv of It! Live entertainment showcases ( which has successfully helped both fellow professional entertainers and youth grow, develop and gain more momentum in their career, along with the many burlesque show’s that she has created and produced for her cabaret group “The Burlesque Beauties” (
A new fresh part of Carla’s life is she has just is working with Reebok and Cirque Du Soliel as a featured teacher in JUKARI Fit to Fly & JUKARI Fit to Flex programs not to mention getting her certification in Core-Pilates with Canfit Pro. Come check them out at King West Fitness!
Carla’s intention is to keep teaching, choreographing, and creating. She believes in growth, hard work, and developing her creativity and craft everyday. You can catch Carla’s newest choreography projects for artists such as Cory Lee’s new song “Fashion Show’ and Sarah Slean’s “Set it Free”
It’s best said by Carla herself… “For the Luv of It!”
You can catch her in her workshops across North America and her regular classes in Toronto! Remember every time you take a class with her, consider it a casting session…
Find out what Carla had to say in this weeks shout out…
Nikki: Do you remember the first time you started dancing?
Carla: YES! It was in my basement with my cousin after watching the “Fly Girls” on In Living Color”  
Nikki: Do you remember the first song you choreographed to? (Or your earliest memory)
Carla: Going back, way back to the basement of my house listening to  Pump up the Jam while attempting the running man!  
Nikki: Your personal advice for dancers when it comes to free styling?
Carla: Live in the music. Just know that sometimes less is more… (don’t try and fit 20 moves into one 8 count)  
Nikki: Getting in the zone to choreograph, what does it take for you?
Carla: I have to set a tone, a feeling and often a story line. I try and make every piece of choreography I do come to life and awaken a feeling for my dancers to embody when they are moving.  
Nikki: Who are some of your biggest influences in the Dance industry?
Carla: In regards to being a business woman and really understanding how to deal with the diverse personalities and ego’s involved in dance would be Kelly Konno, Geneen Gorgieve, Melena Rounis,  Michelle Brownlee, Wayne Samuels, & Wynn Holmes. In regards to creativity, Jojo Zolina, Joel Hannah, Pastel Supernova and a select group of dancers that I’ve worked with in the past and that I am now working with currently. 
Nikki: Name a Toronto Choreographer you enjoy working with and why?
Carla: Pastel Supernova. The two of us don’t believe in BOUNDARIES. We are both open to just CREATE!
Nikki: Name one of your favorite artists to work with and why?
Carla: Cory Lee! Endless years of choreographing, teaching and performing together will add to a huge amount of goodtimes with this girl! Not to mention her work ethic is impeccable, which you know will create an amazing product of work.  
Nikki: What made you make the move from Vancouver to Toronto?
Carla: I felt like i’ve done all that I could have done out there. It’s time to take over a new city! One where people can keep up with me! 
Nikki: Are you currently working on any projects?
Carla: Yes! I’m working on a few. But the current project that I am working towards is the next up and coming Chic-A-Boom Room – Alice in Wonderland Edition on Wednesday, October 26th at the Roosevelt Room Super Club. For more information on the show or to purchase tickets here’s the link! 
Nikki: Qualities you think Toronto Dancers possess?
Carla: Hustle, work ethic, talent and drive. LOVE IT! 
Nikki: Any advice for emerging dancers and choreographers working/training in Toronto?
Carla: Work on your craft everyday, live it, breathe it, own it, get comfy in it and be unapologetic about it. For dancers, train, take classes from as many people as you can. Create a look and a style that is different from the rest. Choreographers, try and find inspiration in things other than other people’s choreography. Think more along the lines of watching how people move in everyday situations, storyline that inspire you, or maybe just take a trip into your Itunes


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