26 Jan
Big Birthday shout outs to Trish it was a pleasure spending some of your birthday with you and for being an awesome friend and allowing me to pick your brain on your bday and be my first Dancer/Choreographer Shout Out! Trish is an amazing Recording Artist but she is also a Dope A$$ Dancer from Toronto. I took the opportunity to find out a few details related to dance!! Here’s what she had to say:
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Nikki: At what age do you first remember dancing?
Trish: ***Pondering then starts singing*** Uhhhhh Uhhhh Ohhhhh Uhhhhhh Uhhhhh Ohhhhh  it was that year lol when The Right Stuff came out by NKOTB when I really remember dancing and doing their moves.
Nikki: Who were some of the Artists who inspired you on the dance floor?
Trish:  WoW I would say anyone who moved and looked really good at it. I would just watch and listen, it was always about the visual the sound.  People who had their own flare their own way of doing the moves. Whenever I try to tackle a dance move I try to put my own flare on it, same move but my way. I would definitely mention Janet she was so raw and so hard like the men yet so feminine at the same time.  She really influenced me on stage with the whole entertainment aspect of performing a song.
Nikki: Who are some of the Dancers and or Choreographers you work with now?
Trish: Tweetie from New York ( The Do Dat Fam… Luther Brown ( Mark ( and Tuch ( ShowTyme, Rhapsody James (, Valentine Norton  ( Tony aka Tommy Steeze from Montreal now living in Toronto, Tanisha Scott, Hollywood Jade and Leon Blackwood ( I would defiantly say that Leon showed me how to tap into that real feminine side. I was very hard with it like calm down lol ( she does that classic Trish laugh)  He really helped me put that sexxy attitude into my moves. ***Disclaimer No Faves*** lol I will say this it is hard to name off everyone I’ve worked with because I have danced with so many dancers but I haven’t actually trained with all of them. Ive had the opportunity to Vibe with them! As a dancer another formal way of learning is having vibe sessions with other dancers, Learning and Growing with each other.  
Nikki: What do you do to get into that Dance Zone?
Trish: hmmmmm…… Sometimes I like to be alone before I go in. Just to have that moment to get inside my head and feel the music.  At the end of the day all it takes for me is a HOTT record to get in the zone.
Nikki: Thank You Trish for letting me get into your dance space lolTrish: It was an honour Thank You.  Its a blessing a real gift to be able to express emotions and feelings through dance. and I believe that’s what we do. I dance at home in the middle of doing nothing. If I have a moment I’m dancing and I mean full out, then I’ll go back to doing whatever I’m doing. It just feels good to be able to dance.  They say not everyone can dance BUT Everyone can dance maybe some off beat lol but its still their own way and its not wrong.  Dance is a Universal Language.




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